SuperSquad America

SuperSquad America is a Hero System (Champions) roleplaying event run at major gaming conventions like Origins and Gen Con. It follows the adventures of the modern day SuperSquad America, America's premier superhero team.

Friends of Justice is a Hero System (Pulp Hero) convention event. This event follows the exploits of 1930s adventurer Dr. Abraham "Doc" Justice and his associates.

The Remarkable Wrong-Righters is a Hero System (Champions) convention event. It features the more light-hearted adventures of a team of heroes led by former SuperSquad America team member Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man and based out of a Malibu beach house.

SuperSquad America: The Originals is a Hero System (Champions) convention event. This event features the original version of SuperSquad America from the time period around 1970.

Saga of the Smiling Fox is a Hero System (Fantasy Hero) convention event. It features the swashbuckling adventures of the Smiling Fox and his heroic band of rebels as they fight the evil Duke Duvel to protect the people and restore the rightful ruler of the magical world of Eyratha.

The Team From H.E.R.O. is a Hero System (Dark Champions/Espionage) convention event that I hope to finally run one of these years. It will feature a team of field agents from the Headquarters for Elite Response Operations keeping the world safe from the plots of R.O.G.U.E. (Revolutionary Organization for Global Underworld Enterprises) and other nefarious villains and organizations in a modern day game of Bondian espionage and action.

The Unbelievable Adventures of Jake Quarry Private Eye and Other Works is a collection of comedy writings primarily from my days as a writer for the annual musical-comedy show at the University of Waterloo put on by the FASS (Faculty, Administration, Staff, and Students) Theatre Group.