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Remarkable Wrong-Righters 5 (2011)

The Remarkable Wrong-Righters is a Hero System (Champions) roleplaying event run by Rod Currie at major gaming conventions like Gen Con and Origins. Each year's event is a separate adventure in the lives of everyone's favorite Malibu-based super team.

Year 5 of The Remarkable Wrong-Righters was run at Dundracon 35 in San Ramon, CA (February 18-21, 2011) and also at Origins 2011 in Columbus, OH (June 22-26, 2011) and will be run at Gen Con 2011 in Indianapolis, IN (August 4-7. 2011). Here is the description:

Remarkable Wrong-Righters (Champions)

Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man and the Remarkable Wrong-Righters have made it their mission to make superheroing fun again. However, life may become just a little too much fun when a strange visitor appears in their Malibu beach house headquarters.

Roleplaying is emphasized in all Remarkable Wrong-Righters events.

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All character artwork for CharmDeus XFriction LassLady LightningRampartRick DaviesSpook, and Swift Kick was created by Kerry Connell. Thanks Kerry. Coloring was done by Rod Currie.

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